iOS & front-end engineer

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Mobile technologies

iOS, macOS, Swift, SwiftPM, Git, cocoapods, Sketch, REST APIs, CoreLocation, Mapkit, CoreBluetooth, UIKit, Foundation

Web technologies

Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, Gulp, npm, WordPress


Timeline & resource handling, customer communication, strategic and technical support for sales, roadmaps, business development, design evaluation

Trail Adventure Guide

Trail Adventure Guide shows inspiring mountain biking adventures from trails in Finland. It provides trail descriptions and GPX routes that you can download for your ride. You'll get turn-by-turn navigation to trailheads, so you can easily find the trails and experience your own adventures.

This was a solo project where I created the GPX routes, developed the app and then released it to the App Store. I used Foundation, UIKit and CoreLocation frameworks.

Trail Adventure Guide image


Website for booking customers. This is my wife's business and I always like it when I can give her a shout-out.

I built the website using Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, npm and Gulp

WordPress based media service

Started as a blog service in 2005 using WordPress 1.0 as a CMS platform. I developed the site 10 years with bleading edge versions of WordPress and plugins until the service was closed in 2015. It became the largest caravan related web service in Finland hosting thousands of posts and pages.

There are still some broken snapshots of the site available in the Wayback Machine.

I used WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS to make this happen.

Where do I come from?

I have been working in electronics, telecom, software, and aerospace industries. I started designing electronics and coding FPGA logic circuits. After that I worked with hardware and software integration and GNSS RF circuits.

I have lead successful R&D projects were the results have ended up in the hands of millions of people or into a BepiColombo satellite that is set to launch to Mercurius in 2018.

What I enjoy the most is working with customers and colleagues all around the world.

If you would like to know more about my career have a look at my LinkedIn profile.