What is this?

There are times when I get an inspiration to write something about my work life. That happens quite often. Then there are occasions when I actually have time to write a blog or make a video about the thing that I would like to share. This doesn’t happen so often.

I didn’t have a platform where to publish my posts or videos so the threshold to actually start writing was really high. Now that I have this site I hope that I will create and publish something. I don’t have a schedule. Work comes always first, but I hope to publish something at least monthly.

Mobile and web development

I work with mobile and web apps in the areas of IoT and Big data at the moment. I use Swift to create iOS apps and JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SASS for the web. Actually I’m running some JavaScript code also inside my iOS apps, but that’s perhaps a topic of a future post.

This is the backdrop for all my upcoming posts. I’m an indie developer, so I’m also very interested in the business side of things.

– Moi moi! (a way of saying ‘see you!’ in Finnish)