How to prep for a status meeting with a client?

Projects and clients are different, but there are still common nominators about how do I prepare for a status meeting. My preparation goes along these lines.

I merge the necessary features into a master branch. This is also a good time to check that backups are up to date. I backup my projects into a RAID disk and to a cloud.

Then I go through the commit messages and update the changelog. I do not copy and paste the messages. Changelog is more about the big picture and features. I go through the commits just to remind myself what has happened and then update the changelog with appropriate descriptions.

Finally, I give the latest version of the project a test run to see that everything works as it should. I also decide how I should present the latest functionalities to a client. I’m usually a little bit worried about how can I easily demo the project without demo effects and extra hassle. I do my best to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Then it’s time to charge my laptop and make sure that all the chargers, dongles and other project gear are in my backpack. I’m ready for the meeting.