Mobile, web and server development

I'm working in the fields of IoT, Big data and embedded.

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Mobile technologies

iOS, macOS, Webkit, JavaScriptCore, CoreLocation, Mapkit, CoreBluetooth, UIKit, Foundation, APIs

Web technologies

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, PHP


Timeline & resource handling, customer communication, strategic and technical support for sales, roadmaps, business development, design evaluation

Trail Adventure Guide

I have produced a lot of cycling films, but YouTube is not a good way to keep them organized. I decided to create a nifty little app for my channel that makes it easy to find and watch all the adventures.

If you want to have your own adventure on the same trail the app provides downloadable GPX routes and also guides you to the trail head. All you need to do is to jump on a bike and start pedalling.

This was a solo project that I coded when I had a little time. I was usually staring my monitor at night so I decided to give this app a dark mode. I recorded and fine-tuned the routes with Garmin tools. The app uses UIKit and CoreLocation frameworks. I really should have updated this app by now, but I just haven't had a chance.

Trail Adventure Guide image


A custom in-house user management application for a business client. Server admins wanted to handle user accounts while on the run, so we had to get the accounts into their pockets.

What did it mean? Well the app had to connect to a REST API to create, read, update and delete user accounts, assign roles and manage privileges - Not a rocket science, but a business critical housekeeping.

I started the development with a Postman to find out how the API works and to develop the needed requests. When I had a clear idea what I had to do I fired up the XCode.

It was a pretty straightforward task to build the networking layer of the app based on the Postman collection. However, I had to be careful to test all the corner cases. Nothing is guaranteed when sending requests out to the network.

When I had most of the requests in a good shape I started building the UI around a table view, some custom views and gesture recognizers. I finished the app with some view animations to break the so boring although practical table views. Sometimes it's the little details that make the app come alive.

I used UIKit, Webkit and JavaScriptCore extensively to pull this off.

Architecting MeeGo Adaptation

I installed Slackware distro to my PC in 1992 and when I got the opportunity work with Nokia’s first ever Linux phone I did not hesitate to jump on the challenge.

My responsibility was to design the peripheral adaptation architecture and make the best possible fit to the overall architecture. I took care of the legal issues regarding upstreaming Linux kernel device drivers and I also was in charge of the industry wide collaboration.

I learned how to make product development with open source software and serve the open source community without driving lawyers mad.

Where do I come from?

I have been working in electronics, telecom, software, and aerospace industries. I started designing electronics and coding FPGA logic circuits. After that I worked with hardware and software integration and GNSS RF circuits.

I have lead successful R&D projects were the results have ended up in the hands of millions of people or into a BepiColombo satellite that is set to launch to Mercurius in 2018.

What I enjoy the most is working with customers and colleagues all around the world.