3 ways to show web content inside an iOS app

My go to solution for a web view is WKWebView. It can be fully customized to fit the look and feel of my app. I can run JavaScript inside of it and enjoy the good performance. Why should I use anything else?

UIWebView is the older way of integrating web content. It has a nice scalesPageToFit property, which scales web page to fit the view if set to true. This is something that is missing from the WKWebView. However UIWebView will be deprecated in iOS 12, so there’s really no point of adopting it to a new project.

SFSafariViewController gives full Safari user experience to users. It cannot be fully customized to fit the app, but ‘Done’ button can be customized and background and tint colors can be set. Super cool feature of the SFSafariViewController is that it takes care of user authentication to third party sites.