Sharing data between an app extension and a containing app in macOS

I was developing a Safari App Extension and needed a way to share data between the containing app and the extension. I needed to pass the user settings, so the extension would behave correctly.

The containing app does not have a direct access to the extension’s properties and vice versa. The sharing can happen through NSUserDefaults.

First I navigated to the containing app’s Project Navigator and selected the main app target. Under the Capabilities tab I toggled on the App Groups.

Then I created a new app group: “”.

I added the same app group for app extension target.

Now I could finally share the user settings between the containing app and the extension by initializing the userDefaults with the group:

let userDefaults = UserDefaults.init(suiteName: "")

Note: The app group can be created also in the Apple’s Developer Portal under the “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” sections.